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Only Test Prep Institute, the official provider of Kaplan’s MCAT Prep courses in Lebanon, offers complete preparation for the MCAT test and proven strategies to raise your score. With over 70 years of MCAT prep expertise, we are the top choice for MCAT prep!

The Kaplan Advantage MCAT package includes:

  • Over 300 hours of online practice and video based content
  • Comprehensive student digital kit (3rd Edition)
  • Over 5,000 of the latest MCAT practice items, including 13 full-length computer-based practice tests
  • Six months online account
  • 12 to 30 hours of live instruction offered by a Kaplan certified instructor

The Kaplan Comprehensive Student Kit Vs. The Retail Offering (what you buy from bookstores)

Student Kits Retail Package

Printed Resources

Course book is specifically designed to be used as in-class resource and in conjunction with Kaplan online resources

  • Contains 3 resources that are not available for retail purchase:

    • MCAT Lesson Book
    • MCAT High Yield Problem Solving Guide
    • MCAT Quick Sheets
  • Books come with ebook editions that reflect the most up-to-date content (updated throughout year)
  • Integrated with teacher training material and teacher editions of course books and slides for in class use by teachers
  • Course book is not available for retail purchase
  • Do not allow the option to purchase High Yield Problem Solving Guide or MCAT Quick Sheets
  • Retail editions of books do not include ebook editions

Online Resources (for retail: Assets listed pertain to 7-book review series)

  • 13 full-length, computer-based practice tests
  • 5,000+ practice questions
  • 300+ hours of online practice and video-based content
  • 3 full-length, computer-based practice tests
  • 550+ practice questions
  • 9+ hours of video-based content
Comprehensive Student Kit Retail Offerings
Printed materials specially designed to be used with Kaplan courses
Printed materials integrated with Kaplan course online resources
MCAT Review Notes books available
MCAT Lesson Book edition available
High Yield Problem Solving Guide edition available
Ebook editions of books available
MCAT Quick Sheets available

At Test Prep Institute, our entire company is organized around helping you achieve your MCAT score goal and gain admission to your target medical school!

Important to register early and start on Review Notes before the course begins!

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Prepping for the MCAT using the Kaplan Methods has proven irreplaceable over the last 40 years. During this time Kaplan has worked closely with the AAMC to ensure that students have both the content knowledge and the test taking acumen to score in the highest percentiles on the MCAT. With over 150 hours of instruction, balanced between in class instructor lead sessions and additional online recordings, students receive holistic instruction that TPI guarantees will help them raise their scores. The course is effortlessly personalized through the use of online Smart Reports that analyze students’ results on up to 11 full-length practice tests and recommend additional practice based on the students’ greatest strengths and weaknesses. Kaplan instruction is the only MCAT course that requires every instructor to be score-qualified and trained on the entire exam—ensuring that you are taught by an MCAT expert.

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