Our Team

Sarah Khalife

Admissions Manager

Sarah is the Administrative Coordinator and Office Manager at Test Prep Institute Beirut, and Studypedia. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Foreign Languages from USEK in 2011 and has a total of five years work experience in costumer service and administration. Sarah is primarily responsible of providing comprehensive administrative and staff support, and managing financial accounts. Other job duties include, but is not limited to; management of all student admissions and maintaining a connection with schools and universities. Sarah enjoys the opportunity to be a part of an international educational institute, like Kaplan, as it allows her to work in a rich, multicultural learning environment where the atmosphere is young, ambitious, and vibrant.

Studypedia, TPI’s sister company, offers student counselling and study abroad services. Sarah provides counseling and guidance services to potential students on education opportunities overseas and support to develop their career plans. Sarah finds pleasure to be a part of a dedicated team that is innovative and professional. TPI/Studypedia is committed to academic excellence, cultural learning, and student service.

Rebecca Rogers

Elite Kaplan Certified Instructor and Senior Education Counselor

Becca is a British, CELTA qualified, English language teacher with a range of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) experience. As part of her university studies, she taught English in Syria to mixed groups of adult and teenage Palestinians in Yarmouk and in France she taught English to high school and sixth form students, to French teachers teaching other disciplines in English and as a private tutor for exam preparation.

 In 2011, she earned her MA Hons in Arabic and French from the University of Edinburgh and went to Guadeloupe in the French Caribbean to continue teaching English. After working in Learning and Development for England’s largest family charity for over two years, Becca trained as a Kaplan SAT instructor and an education counsellor for students wishing to study in the UK. 

 Becca enjoys giving students the skills and motivation to achieve their best score on Test Day as an SAT instructor, and working with students to plan the best academic future as an education counsellor. Becca loves travelling and is passionate about everything the UK has to offer, so she is keen to help students travel to the UK to continue their education.

Micah Garner

Elite SAT® Instructor & Education Counselor

After studying at the University of Kentucky, Micah received a B.A. in Anthropology with a Minor in Islamic Studies. He has been teaching/training others for many years throughout his post-collegiate experience–both in and out of his workplace– and has enjoyed every moment of it.

After joining Test Prep, Micah has seen how specifically the Kaplan method for the SAT assists the students to help them achieve their educational goals better than many other programs. He has happily helped hundreds of students reach their target scores.

In addition Micah plays the role of Education Counselor for UK and Canada. This position involves counseling prospective applicants on the admissions process and opportunities at the Universities. Micah also reviews and scores application essays and other materials submitted by applicants for the purposes of making admission decisions.

Mohamed Issa El Kadi

Managing Director

Mohamad is the managing director at Studypedia and managing director at TPI. Mohamad has six years of international student recruitment and admission experience with outstanding multitasking skills at the level of case management, marketing communications, event management, business development and social networking.

In his previous position, Mohamed managed hundreds of successful students’ applications and played a major role in the production of educational and recreational fairs from conception to completion.

Mohamed is an expert counselor for studying in Australia, UK, New Zealand.

He has also successfully completed the ICEF Agent Training Course Formal Test and is now an ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor (#ITAC 0257).

Mohamed holds a Bachelor of Arts in Law from BAU, Beirut (honour list), Diploma of Business Management from Oxford College, Sydney and a Master of International Trade Law from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Mohamed was also offered the chance to be the first honouree from the Middle-East region that gave the Farewell Ceremony Autumn 2008 speech on behalf of UTS international students.

Mohamed is married to the love of his life Noura and both are the proud parents of two lovely children.

Hicham Kharroub

Elite Kaplan Certified Instructor and Senior Education Counselor (USA/Canada Specialist)

Hicham has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the American University of Beirut (AUB) and a Master of Arts in Comparative Literature from the Lebanese American University (LAU). He has taught at AUB in the University Preparatory Program (UPP), where he also served as the Academic Coordinator of the SAT program, a standing member on the curriculum development committee, and an advisor and counselor to students in the USAID University Scholarship Program. Also at AUB, Hicham has taught at the Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies, and the Communication Skills Program in the Department of English.

In addition to teaching, Hicham has provided consultancy to United Nations agencies in reviewing and editing the language and content of reports on education, disability, and development in the Arab countries, as well as staff training in language and communication (academic and conversational). He has also completed many workshops on paragraph and essay structure, science and art education, blended learning, and program learning outcomes.

With half a decade of experience in teaching and counseling, Hicham has an extensive network of academic and professional affiliations. He has presented at many international conferences and universities in USA, Canada, Turkey, and Lebanon, and is a member of the American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA), Modern Language Association (MLA), PEOI Teach-Online Community, and several special interest groups and symposium committees. His research covers theories of teaching and learning, foreign language acquisition, multilingualism, anthropology, and comparative studies. He is on the Distinction List for Scholastic Achievement at LAU, and holds the INMAA Award for Academic Excellence.