Kaplan SAT ® Courses

Test Prep Institute, is the only official provider of Kaplan’s SAT Prep courses in Lebanon. Test Prep Institute offers complete preparation for the SAT test and proven strategies to raise your score. Our 70 years of SAT prep expertise, makes us the top choice for SAT exam preparation!

What Makes Us Different?

The tests are standardized.
Your test prep shouldn’t be.

You are more than a test score. You have unique interests, aptitudes, and goals. A successful college application will reflect this through your grades, essays, extracurriculars, and your scores on high-stake tests like the SAT.

That’s where we come in. What makes Test Prep Institute’s Kaplan SAT course uniquely successful? It’s simple. Our entire program is a partnership between our expert instructors and your family. Each course is geared towards your individual needs and goals. We offer the most personalized way to prep.

You are more than a score; but why not be more than a great score?


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During registration for SAT exam

  • Students must provide the name of their attending high school during registration.
  • Students must submit a current, recognizable photo that will be included on a new photo admission ticket.

On test day

  • Students must pre-register for the SAT. On test day, walk-in testing will not be permitted.
  • On test day, test center changes will not be permitted.
  • Test-type changes will no longer be permitted on test day (i.e., SAT to SAT Subject Tests or vice versa).
  • Students must present their photo admission ticket to their designated test center.
  • Students arriving at the test center without both their photo admission ticket and an acceptable form of photo ID will not be admitted to the test center.
  • Test-takers will be subject to additional ID checks during test day and must present both their photo admission ticket and an acceptable form of photo ID upon entry to the test center and test room (including before and after breaks), and during collection of their answer sheet.

After test day

  • High schools will automatically receive scores for all test-takers enrolled at that high school.
  • A registration data repository will be created containing the information and photo provided by the test-taker at the time of registration and used to produce the photo admission ticket required for test center admittance.
  • High schools, colleges and universities, and other institutions that receive SAT scores will have access to the repository, as will the ETS Office of Testing Integrity. The registration data repository will not include test scores.